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About IP Digital, Inc.


Founded in 2001, IP Digital began as a small consulting company providing technical services related to document management and imaging solutions. Picture - Actual client workspace before we arrived. Then, we made all this go away.
It has grown into a full service reseller and integrator, focusing on AnyDoc Software for capture solutions, and on Laserfiche for document management.

By combining both products, IP Digital provides clients with systems that are efficient for both the capture and retrieval sides of their business.

IP Digital's Capabilities

IP Digital will evaluate your current paper handling setup and provide consultation on document management and imaging solutions that fit your business.  IP Digital is skilled at matching document management and imaging solutions with business needs and objectives.

IP Digital services include installation services and technical support of document management and document imaging systems, and the conversion of legacy systems.  In addition, IP Digital provides application development, SQL development and reporting, in relation to imaging applications.

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